Modern Wolf, a new indie publisher, is committing to ethical game development, including a firm stance against crunch and concern for mental health.
Neon has released the U.S. trailer for Bong Joon-ho’s Palme d’Or-winning thriller Parasite. The film centers on two families—the wealthy Parks and the aspirational Kims—who collide when the Kims find a way to insert themselves into the Parks’ lives and start living off the largesse of the wealthy family. However, when a “parasitic interloper” comes along, a battle breaks out that threatens the relationship between the families. This is one of my must-see movies of 2019, and I love how the trailer makes the plot look intriguing without really revealing the major …
EA and Ghost Games' new NFS game, Need for Speed Heat, brings players to Palm City for the series' signature cop versus street racer action.
Netflix's new prequel series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is poised to be the best puppet show you watch all year. Sure, it might be the only one you watch all year, but with the puppet-power of The Jim Henson Company behind this production, coupled with cutting-edge production design and visual effects, it's a can't-miss event. And now the final trailer is here to tease the epic story before it arrives later this month. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance returns to the world of Thra with an all new adventure. When three …
When we spoke to The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke back at San Diego Comic-Con, he teased season 2 by telling us, “as good as the gore is in season 1, I think we’ve gotten a lot better about how to shoot the gore in season 2." Basically, my dude was promising a show already featuring super-speed death tackles, laser eye skull melting, and dolphin heists gone horrifically wrong is going to get even bloodier. Whelp, he wasn't lying. To celebrate the series' success, Kripke offered up the first picture from behind the scenes of season 2, …
All the updates on Eastern Promises 2, including the story and screenwriter Steven Knight's latest comments on when filming could begin.
Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles promise that the Supernatural series finale will offer a satisfying conclusion to the story of the Winchesters.
Jason Statham's villain killed Han before becoming a Fast & Furious hero, but the film's writer assures fans he's 'tortured' by the murder.
The upcoming IT: Chapter Two receives an official R-rating, guaranteeing that fans will see more than their fair share of disturbing violence.
DC Universe unveils the Harley Quinn TV show trailer at San Diego Comic-Con, confirming the animated series for a fall 2019 premiere date.
I went to see Crawl last night at my local AMC theater, which means I had to sit through literally 28 minutes of trailers. Now, I love trailers, but usually I've seen them online before I ever get a chance to see them in an actual movie theaters. But that was not the case last night. No, last night I caught the full trailer for Blumhouse's The Hunt, from writer-producer Damon Lindelof and director Craig Zobel. I audibly gasped when I realized what I was watching, and two-and-a-half minutes later, I turned to my …
James Bond has been paired with a lot of women, and even saying “a lot” is putting it very mildly. There’s an entire list where the women are segregated according to chronology, film, and designation as either love interest or femme fatale. Suffice it to say, this guy’s had a lot of relationships.
After a Christmas season and a Halloween season, the marketing for Stranger Things chapter 3 has gone all-in on an 80s summer vibe, harkening back to a time when the weather was warm, the shorts were extremely high-waisted, and sweet dreams were, in fact, made of this. If the July 4 premiere date didn't tip you off, 13 firework-filled new character posters introduce the idea that Independence Day will play a large part in season 3's storyline, with a tagline promising "one summer can change everything." I know the throwback-bordering-on-copying vibe Stranger …
Terminator: Dark Fate, the Cameron-approved franchise re-set that basically establishes that whoops Genisys was just a prank, is set to arrive in less than six months. Director Tim Miller shared a bit of an update today from the film's editing bay, where he's putting the "finishing touches" on the first trailer. "We're just weeks away from releasing this fucker into the wild & we're very, very excited," Miller wrote. Dark Fate brings the OG Terminator badass Linda Hamilton back into the fold as Sarah Connor, while also introducing Mackenzie Davis as a protagonist, Grace. (…

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