Eddie Morra is a struggling author in New York City. His girlfriend Lindy, frustrated with his lack of progress (as well as his seeming lack of ambition, motivation, and focus), breaks up with him. Eddie encounters Vernon, the brother of his ex-wife Melissa, who gives him a sample of a new nootropic called NZT-48, which Vernon implies will help Eddie with his "creative problems". On the drug, Eddie discovers that he has acquired perfect recall, and is able to analyze minute details and information at incredible speed. As the pill takes effect, he is being yelled at by his landlord's wife. With his new power, he calms her down, helps her with her law school homework, and sleeps with her. His abilities compel him to tidy up his apartment and give him immense inspiration for his book.

MPAA Rating:PG-13
Genre:Sci Fi, Thriller
Country:United States
Produced By:Ryan Kavanaugh, Patty Long, Ken Halsband, Bradley Cooper, Tucker Tooley, Leslie Dixon, Patrick Peach, Ricardo Del RÍO, Jason Felts, Scott Kroopf
Directed By:Neil Burger
Written By:Alan Glynn, Leslie Dixon
Cast:Stephen Sable, Ryan Sandberg, Ricky Roma, Ian Bonner, Damaris Lewis, Ashley Cynthia Stauffer, Douglas Nelson, Eddie J. Fernandez, Ann Marie Green, Abbie Cornish, Violeta Silva, David Reineke, Dave Droxler, T.V. Carpio, Juan Eloy Carrera, Ann-Marie Jordan, Nina Hodoruk, Gregory R. Campbell, Richard Bekins, Bradley Cooper, Chris McMullin, Patricia Kalember, Jason Cutts, Zackary Kresser, Peter Pryor, Richard Miller, Adam Zebediah Joseph, Robert Shearn III, Sara Painter, Jim Croft, Mark Pricskett, Don Whatley, Chuck Rayner, Meg McCrossen, Billy Lee, Cindy Katz, Andrea Havens, Cindy Engle, Michelle Santiago, Steven J. Klaszky, Tomas Arana, Harry Mearing, Lia Tucker, Robert Bizik, Saxon Palmer, Tony Moore, Rosalina Francesca, Johnny M. Wu, Jennifer Butler, Damali Mason, Brian Anthony Wilson, Rana Morrison, Rob Tode, Tom Bloom, Joel Marsh Garland, Jason Furlani, Mihir Pathak, Gabriel Valentino, Anna Friel, Joe B. McCarthy, Erica Lynne Arden, Simon MacLean, Ariana Dubynin, Tom Leonard, Uzimann, Victoria Gates, Todd McCall, Andrew Howard, Krista Magnusson, B.J. Parker, Patsy Meck, Robert Eckard, Janice LaFlam, Jerry Ross, Brooke Allison, Joel Brody, Daniel Breaker, Johnny Whitworth, Danielle Guldin, Sam Rocco, Darren Goldstein, Jeffrey Mowery, Will Souders, Robert De Niro, Ann Talman, Michael Belveduto, Robert Rickert, Rebecca Dayan, Ann Marie Seall, Ned Eisenberg, Brian James Pepe, Robert John Burke, Ray Siegle
In Theaters:Mar 18, 2011
Runtime:1 hour 45 minutes
Production:Relativity Media, Virgin Produced, Rogue, Boy of the Year
Box Office:$79,249,455
Available On:Amazon, Itunes, Vudu
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