Final Portrait

In Paris 1964, famed painter Alberto Giacometti bumps into his old friend James Lord, the American critic, and asks him to be a model for his latest portrait in his studio for a couple of days. Flattered by the request, Lord complies and as the days turn into weeks and so on, he realizes his entire life has been wasted by this erratic genius. Jumping between joy and frustration, Lord finally sees logic in Giacometti's artistic but chaotic vision and witnesses the genius complete one of his last masterpieces. Read more on Wikipedia.

MPAA Rating:R
Genre:Biography, Comedy, Drama
Country:United Kingdom
Produced By:Gail Egan, Robbie Leacock, Ilann Girard, Michael S. Constable, Deepak Nayar, Fred Hogge, Nik Bower
Directed By:Stanley Tucci
Written By:Stanley Tucci
Cast:Martyn Mayger, Armie Hammer, Maria Teresa Capasso, Geoffrey Rush, Clémence Poésy, Sylvie Testud, Begona F. Martin, Takatsuna Mukai, Tony Shalhoub, James Faulkner, Dolly Ballea, Laura Bernardeschi, Philippe Spall, Gaspard Caens
In Theaters:Mar 23, 2018
Runtime:1 hour 30 minutes
Production:Potboiler Productions, Riverstone Pictures, Olive Productions
Box Office:$70,058