So we got good news and we got bad news when it comes to our earnest super-friends over at the CW's Arrowverse. Speaking on a network scheduling call, CW CEO Mark Pedowitz revealed that the network's annual DC Comics crossover would be majorly paired down this year to a two-hour event. (Last year's Crisis on Infinite Earths was the longest, a whopping five-hour story.) However, those two hours will bring together some of the biggest names in DC canon, as Batwoman and the upcoming Superman & Lois will house the two-hour crossover in …
Zack Snyder is sharing more from his cut of Justice League.
Zack Snyder has released a new commentary track for Batman v Superman, one which sheds light on Martian Manhunter's secret cameo and the real story behind that Knightmare sequence.
Antoni Porowski commits the ultimate social media sin by not tagging his esteemed holiday hostess, Martha Stewart, in a recent Instagram post.
The first image from the upcoming film The Nest has been released ahead of the movie’s world premiere at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. The Nest is the long-awaited, highly anticipated next film from Martha Marcy May Marlene writer/director Sean Durkin, and it stars Jude Law as a charismatic entrepreneur who relocates with his wife (Carrie Coon) and their children from suburban America to his native England. The marriage struggles, however, as Law’s character attempts to profit from the boon of 1980s London while Coon’s character finds herself resigned to the “housewife” role despite having …
Batman v Superman's 'Martha' moment was torched by critics, but Marvel's version remains the weirdest mistake in Iron Man's entire story.
Joker uses Thomas Wayne and even Bruce Wayne as major characters but Martha Wayne is mostly sidelined. Is this in response to Batman v Superman?
Avengers: Endgame has its very own "Martha" moment. We look at how the MCU pulled off what the DCEU's Batman v Superman movie did divisively.
Canadian Actress Martha MacIsaac began her TV acting career starring in the titular role on Emily of New Moon. After the show ended after two years in 2000, she moved on to debut in film in 2003 in This Time Around. Her additional film credits include Suburban Madness, Ice Princess and I Do, They Don’t. However, her role as Becca in the coming-of-age teen comedy Superbad brought the actress into the Hollywood spotlight.