Dance of the 41

Based on the Dance of the Forty-One which was a society scandal in early 20th-century Mexico. The incident revolved around an illegal police raid carried out in November 17, 1901 in a private home in Mexico City. The scandal revolved around that of the group of men who attended, 19 were dressed in women's clothing. Despite the government's efforts to hush the incident up, the press was keen to report the incident, since the participants belonged to the upper echelons of society (including the son-in-law of the incumbent President of Mexico). This scandal was unique in that it was the first time homosexuality was openly spoken about in the Mexican media and had a lasting impact on Mexican culture.

MPAA Rating:NR
Genre:Biography, Drama, History
Country:Mexico, Brazil
Directed By:David Pablos
Written By:Monika Revilla
Cast:Álvaro Guerrero, Roberto Duarte, Sergio Solís, Fernando Becerril, Paulina ÁLvarez Muñoz, Emiliano Zurita, Fernanda Echevarría, Rodrigo Virago, Carlos Oropeza Tapia, Michelle Betancourt, Mitzi Mabel Cadena, Alfonso Herrera, Abraham Juárez, Carolina Politi, Romanni Villacaña Castañeda
In Theaters:May 12, 2021
Runtime:1 hour 33 minutes
Production:Canana Films
Available On:Netflix
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