Is Wonder Park worth the extra 3D ticket price, or are you better off saving that money for half a box of popcorn at your local theme park? To 3D or Not To 3D is here to help, so you're not left wondering.
This troubled movie just opened in theaters with no credited director.
On the surface, Wonder Park looks like it might be just another one of the many, many animated features to showcase anthropomorphic animals saying and doing wacky things; the reality is that this couldn't be further from the truth. I went into the screening expecting very little but was absolutely impressed with every facet of this movie, from the solid script, to its heartfelt emotional beats and fast-paced action, and wildly imaginative visuals. Paramount and Nickelodeon hopes to launch a franchise with Wonder Park, and this solid start is evidence that they deserve to be in the same …
Composer Steven Price first hit most people’s radars when he won the Oscar for Best Original Score for his terrific work on Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity. But film music aficionados took notice a few years earlier with his major release debut on Joe Cornish’s cult hit Attack the Block. Price’s compositions feel wholly unique and somewhat offbeat, but never delve into electronica muddiness. There’s always a musical rhythm pulsing through, and it’s what makes his work on films like The World’s End, Baby Driver, and Fury so striking. Most recently, Price made a … The post Composer Steven Price on ‘Wonder Park’, Working in Animation, and Edgar Wright’s Next Film appeared first on Collider.
After a week that saw Captain Marvel take over all of the movie headlines, we get three flicks with decidedly different themes. It’s a post-alien invasion world, sick teens, and an imaginary amusement park.
We at Collider have an exclusive first listen for the new score from Oscar-winning composer Steven Price’s work on the upcoming animated film Wonder Park. Price, of course, won the Academy Award for Best Original Score for his work on Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity, and his career is full of impressive work across a variety of genres on films like The World’s End, Fury, and the docuseries Our Planet. Price’s latest effort is in the realm of feature animation on Wonder Park. The film tells the story of an optimistic young girl named June who …

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