In 2154, humans have depleted Earth's natural resources, leading to a severe energy crisis. The Resources Development Administration (RDA for short) mines for a valuable mineral — unobtanium — on Pandora, a densely forested habitable moon orbiting the gas giant Polyphemus in the Alpha Centauri star system. Pandora, whose atmosphere is poisonous to humans, is inhabited by the Na'vi, a species of 10-foot tall (3.0 m), blue-skinned, sapient humanoids that live in harmony with nature and worship a mother goddess named Eywa.

MPAA Rating:PG-13
Genre:Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci Fi
Country:United Kingdom, United States
Produced By:Brooke Breton, Peter M. Tobyansen, Jon Landau, James Cameron, Colin Wilson, Laeta Kalogridis, Josh Mclaglen, Janace Tashjian
Directed By:James Cameron
Written By:James Cameron
Cast:Matthew Chamberlain, Sean Patrick Murphy, Jason Whyte, Lisa Roumain, James Gaylyn, Tim Mansell, Ken Ohara, Sigourney Weaver, Lasco Atkins, Terry Notary, Joseph Mika-Hunt, Melvin Leno Clark III, Wes Studi, Laz Alonso, Logan Pithyou, James Patrick Pitt, Kelly Kilgour, April Marie Thomas, David Van Horn, Dean Knowsley, Kelson Henderson, Jacob Tomuri, Hamish Denston, Peter Dillon, Nicole Dionne, Jahnel Curfman, Nikie Zambo, Gerry Blair, Gareth Ruck, Nathan Meister, Michael Blain-Rozgay, Matt Gerald, Mia Dodson, Kevin Dorman, Colin Bleasdale, Ashley Jeffery, CCH Pounder, Michelle Rodriguez, Sam Worthington, Joel David Moore, Chris Mala, Anthony Ingruber, Frankie Torres, Scott Lawrence, Matt Clayton, Lucy Briant, Luke Hawker, Debra Wilson, Dileep Rao, Allan Henry, Tim Simpson, Julene Renee, Mike Bodnar, Paul Yates, Zoe Saldana, Peter Mensah, Giovanni Ribisi, Woody Schultz, Stephen Lang, Alicia Vela-Bailey, Jessica J. Stowes, Kai Pantano, Richard Whiteside, Sean Anthony Moran, Jon Curry, Ilram Choi, T.J. Storm
In Theaters:Dec 18, 2009
Runtime:2 hours 42 minutes
Production:Twentieth Century Fox, Dune Entertainment, Ingenious Film Partners
Box Office:$760,507,625
Available On:Amazon, Itunes, Vudu
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