Triple Threat

Deveraux enlists Payu and Long Fei, who are mercenaries, to go to Thailand for a humanitarian mission to free some prisoners. Unknown to Payu and Long Fei's knowledge, Deveraux and his crew's (Mook, Joey, Steiner and Dom) real goal was to free their leader, Collins, a mass terrorist. Deveraux and his crew shoot up the village, waking up Jaka who sees his wife get shot multiple times. During the ensuing chaos, Payu and Jaka fight but before the victor could be determined, Mook shoots a grenade at Jaka, injuring him heavily and knocking him out. Deveraux frees Collins, and Collins kills his captor. Deveraux double crosses Payu and Long Fei in order to tie up loose ends, and they knock them down into a cage. Collins orders a bomb to burn down the evidence. Payu and Long Fei free the prisoners and barely escape. In the aftermath, Jaka wakes up and sees his village in shambles. He buries his dead wife as well as the villagers, and swears vengeance against Payu and the people responsible for the destruction of his village.

MPAA Rating:R
Country:Thailand, China, United States
Directed By:Jesse V. Johnson
Written By:Joey O'Bryan, Fangjin Song, Paul Staheli
Cast:Dominiquie Vandenberg, Anthony Tai, Selina Lo, Celina Jade, Ron Smoorenburg, Marcus Guilhem, Daniel Whyte, Iko Uwais, JeeJa Yanin, Michael Bisping, Scott Adkins, Michael Wong, Michael Jai White, Tony Jaa, Tiger Hu Chen
In Theaters:Mar 19, 2019
Runtime:1 hour 36 minutes
Production:Aurora Alliance Films, Hamilton Entertainment, Kungfuman Culture Media, SC Films Thailand Co
Box Office:$76,289
Available On:Vudu
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