Notting Hill

William Thacker owns an independent travel book store in Notting Hill, London. His wife has recently left him for another man who he thinks looked exactly like Harrison Ford, and he now shares his house with a silly roommate named Spike. He meets Hollywood actress Anna Scott when she enters the shop incognito. Later, in the street, Will accidentally spills his drink on her, and she goes to his house to change. Upon leaving, she impulsively kisses him. She later invites Will to visit her at the Ritz Hotel, but, mistaken for a reporter and ushered into a press junket for Anna's new film, he pretends to interview her and the other cast members as a writer from Horse & Hound magazine. Anna asks to be his date to his sister's birthday party that evening, where she gets on well with Will's friends and sister. They later climb a fence and enter a private neighborhood park, where Anna again kisses Will.