The show Love Alarm has a lot of Western fans, but there are some things that only Korean fans will probably understand.
Both of them have qualities that make them great matches for Jojo, but who is her true match?
Popular Netflix show Love Alarm may sound like a typical K-Drama set-up but there are also some elements that make it unique.
If you loved Love Alarm, we've got the best of korean drama to binge watch next.
Dog the Bounty Hunter didn't have a heart attack after all, despite going to the hospital after complaining about mysterious chest pains.
Netflix's Love Alarm season 1 ending is a cliffhanger; we break down what Love Alarm 2.0 is and what it means for who Jojo will end up with.
Here's everything we know about Netflix's Love Alarm season 2 after season 1 of the K-drama based on the Korean webtoon of the same name.
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