WWE Superstars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, John Cena, Becky Lynch, and Xavier Woods are coming to Brawlhalla in a bizarre crossover event.
Wrestlers have started to realize they can make a great living outside of WWE. Many years have featured wrestlers believing WWE is the only game in town and the place they must work to find happiness. WWE is still the only promotion at its level as a global juggernaut, but other promotions also offer positive things for the free agents. All Elite Wrestling has launched with a huge backer and big goals for the future starting in May of 2019. New Japan and Ring of Honor are running a sold out Madison Square Garden venue during WrestleMania weekend as both companies grow. Even Impact Wrestling has its own place in the industry with a fun product.
Triple H has certainly proven to be a heck of a businessman, and over the past seven years or so, Hunter has established himself as one of the biggest and most influential executives in the WWE – definitely a man with plenty of say and pull behind the scenes. While Triple's main focus is undoubtedly still NXT and the superstar's a part of that show, there's no doubt Hunter is becoming more and more involved with the going-ons on the WWE's main roster shows, Raw and SmackDown Live. As well, considering many of the talent currently on the main roster are a product of NXT, Triple H is very much a key player when it comes to the decisions on WWE's main shows. Triple H is unquestionably looking to make the WWE's product as appealing as possible to the wrestling fans of today, and as a result, Triple H has become rather "picky" when it comes to the wrestlers he'd like to showcase and push to the forefront of WWE.