Marcello is an affable dog groomer living in a deprived coastal suburb. He has a happy life. He loves his work and his business (called 'Dogman') is thriving. He has a doting daughter who he adores and a circle of male friends in the community with whom he regularly plays football. Being liked by all and sundry is important to him. However, to afford the expensive exotic holidays his daughter desires, Marcello deals small amounts of cocaine to his friends. One such friend is Simone (Simoncino), a huge and thuggish former boxer who terrorises the community with his violent bullying behaviour. Marcello is at work with his daughter when Simone bursts in and demands that Marcello give him some cocaine. Marcello begs him to leave, pointing out his young daughter's presence, but Simone ignores his pleas. Towering over Marcello, he intimidates him into acquiescence. He snorts the coke there and then, and leaves without paying.