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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero secured a weekend box office victory in the US, surpassing Universal's survival thriller Beast and landing in first place with $20.1 million.
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is finally in theaters here in North America. The new movie is a direct sequel to the Broly film that was released initially in 2018 and draws focus away from Goku and Vegeta in favor of Gohan and Piccolo. Let’s break down the ending and where it falls in the overall Dragon Ball canon.
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The Dragon Ball franchise’s first 3D CG-animated feature film is a fun, low-stakes love letter to Gohan fans with exciting momentum as well as room for some moving sentimentality amidst earth-shattering fights.
Today at San Diego Comic Con, we heard more details about the upcoming film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which included just showing the first 20 minutes of the film exclusively to the SDCC audience.
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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the newest film in the hugely popular anime franchise, will hit theaters globally this summer.
Lightyear is not just a sci-fi, but a time-travel sci-fi movie in which Buzz gets stuck in an unfamiliar future.