The film follows the story of a husband, wife and daughter, who experience an incident during a trip. After the daughter is admitted to the hospital for treatment, the husband shortly passes out from exhaustion. Upon waking up, he realizes in horror that no one can corroborate or confirm his family's existence, pushing him toward a despondent path of uncovering the sinister conspiracy and pernicious motives of the hospital workers.

MPAA Rating:NR
Country:United States
Directed By:Brad Anderson
Written By:Alan B. McElroy
Cast:Chris Sigurdson, Natalie Bailey, Lily Rabe, Lauren Cochrane, Stephanie Sy, Derek James Trapp, Sam Worthington, Erik Athavale, Cheryl Soluk, Dennis Scullard, Lucy Capri, Stephen Tobolowsky, Megan Best, Will Woytowich, Adjoa Andoh
In Theaters:Oct 11, 2019
Runtime:1 hour 40 minutes
Production:Koji Productions, Crow Island Films, Macari/Edelstein, Paul Schiff Productions
Available On:Netflix
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