The Last Black Man in San Francisco

The Last Black Man in San Francisco is a 2019 American drama film directed and produced by Joe Talbot (his feature directorial debut) based on a story by Jimmie Fails and Talbot (which, in turn, is partly based on Fails' own life). It stars Fails, Jonathan Majors, Danny Glover, Tichina Arnold, Rob Morgan, Mike Epps, Finn Wittrock and Thora Birch. The plot centers on the efforts of an African American man, Jimmie, to reclaim his childhood home, a Victorian house in the Fillmore District, which was built by his grandfather.

MPAA Rating:R
Country:United States
Directed By:Joe Talbot
Written By:Jimmie Fails, Rob Richert, Joe Talbot
Cast:Jimmie Fails, Thora Birch, San Quinn, Jordan Gomes, Danny Glover, Willie Hen, Daewon Song, Mike Epps, Jello Biafra, Andy Roy, Jamal Trulove, Finn Wittrock, Jonathan Majors, Tichina Arnold, Rob Morgan
In Theaters:Jun 07, 2019
Runtime:2 hours
Production:A24, Longshot Features, Plan B Entertainment
Available On:Vudu
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The Last Black Man in San Francisco

Fans Ratings: 60%
Critics Ratings: 87%

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