Boyka: Undisputed

The film takes place several months after the events of the previous film. Martial artist Yuri Boyka is now a free man and has a manager named Kiril. He still fights in underground matches in Kiev, Ukraine. In a match, Boyka accidentally kills his opponent Viktor. He begins to regret this and thinks about what he is fighting for. After discovering Viktor has a wife named Alma, Boyka tells Kiril to make a fake passport and goes to Russia to meet Alma.

In the Russian town of Drovny, Boyka finds out that Alma owes money to a crime boss named Zourab. Alma lives in a community center and she serves as a waitress in Zourab's underground fighting club. Zourab is now searching for a good martial artist to fight in his club. Boyka wants to help Alma pay her debt so he makes a deal with Zourab that he will fight for him in exchange for Alma's freedom. Zourab agrees and suggests Boyka to fight in three matches.