The film centers on Serhiy, a Ukrainian military surgeon who is captured by the Russian military forces in 2014 during one of the battles at the Russo-Ukrainian War in Eastern Ukraine. During his time as the prisoner of war, Serhiy witnesses terrifying scenes of torture, rape and various other examples of dehumanizing behaviour towards POWs. Soon after, as a part of a prison swap between Russia and Ukraine, Serhiy gets released from captivity and returns to his pre-war normal day-to-day life only to discover that the horrors that he witnessed as a prisoner are still haunting him. To help fight his post-war PTSD Serhiy decides to try and fix his relationships with his ex-wife and his estranged 12 year old daughter Polina who is suffering from a recent loss of a close person at the war. As Serhiy spends more time with Polina and tries to help her move on from the loss of a loved one, he gradually starts to confront his own post-traumatic fears and anxieties.

MPAA Rating:NR
Directed By:Valentyn Vasyanovych
Written By:Valentyn Vasyanovych
Cast:Nika Myslytska, Andriy Rymaruk, Vasiliy Kuharskiy, Igor Shulha, Roman Lutskiy, Stanislav Aseyev, Dmitriy Sova, Andrii Senchuk, Oleksandr Danyliuk, Nadiya Levchenko
In Theaters:May 06, 2022
Runtime:2 hours 5 minutes
Available On:Vudu
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