Captain America: Civil War

In 1991, the brainwashed super-soldier James "Bucky" Barnes is dispatched from a Hydra base in Siberia to intercept an automobile carrying a case of super-soldier serum. In the present day, approximately one year after Ultron's defeat in the nation of Sokovia at the hands of the Avengers, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Sam Wilson, and Wanda Maximoff stop Brock Rumlow from stealing a biological weapon from a lab in Lagos. Rumlow blows himself up, hoping to kill Rogers. When Maximoff throws the explosion into the sky with telekinesis, it damages a nearby building, killing several Wakandan humanitarian workers. Read more on Wikipedia.

MPAA Rating:PG-13
Genre:Action, Adventure, Sci Fi
Country:Germany, United States
Produced By:Henning Molfenter, Stan Lee, Mitchell Bell, Charlie Woebcken, Victoria Alonso, Alan Fine, Kevin Feige, Patricia Whitcher, Trinh Tran, Christoph Fisser, Nate Moore, Ari Costa, Lars P. Winther, Louis D'Esposito
Directed By:Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
Written By:Christopher Markus, Jack Kirby, Stephen McFeely, Joe Simon
Cast:Scarlett Johansson, Stan Lee, Umar Khan, Beverly Hanley, Jane Wu, Surely Alvelo, John Kani, Jeff Glover, Florence Kasumba, Christof Veillon, Anthony Mackie, Robert Clotworthy, Kim Yannayon, Jessica Walther-Gabory, Martin Freeman, Alfre Woodard, Anthony J Sacco, Rafael Banasik, Amelia Morck, Aaron Toney, Jessica Bell, Chadwick Boseman, Anthony B. Harris, Julianna Guill, Alex Zelenka, Brent McGee, Marisol Correa, Sebastian Stan, Daniel Brühl, Lainey Kloes, Don Cheadle, Austin Saunders, Doug Stroup, David De Vries, Guy Fernandez, De'Adrian Harmon, Frank Grillo, Michael Mercaldi, Adrian Lockett, Kimberly Hester Huffstetler, Ann Russo, Paul Bettany, Taylor McPherson, Carsten Berger, Robert Downey Jr., Dennis Oestreich, Bricine Brown, Alexander Yassin, Jonathan Yaskoff, Chris Jai Alex, Michael A. Cook, Manesh K Singh, Ifeyinwa, Tom Holland, Elizabeth Olsen, Mark Falvo, Tyler Carden, Marisa Tomei, Blair Jasin, Rajeev Pahuja, Chris Theisinger, Heidi Moneymaker, John Curran, Oliver Bigalke, Erick Wofford, Tory L. Beckham, Jae Bireley, Lindsay Small Barrios, Chuck Clark, Kevin LaRosa Jr., Dorry Marie, Martavious Gayles, Hope Davis, Tanner Michael Bradberry, Kerry Condon, Carl A. Pitts, Jackie Dallas, Daniel Patrick Shook, Nicholas Cordts, Chris Adams, Cale Schultz, Rob Muller, Jeremy Renner, Anna Phillips, Chris Evans, Missy Crowder-Compton, Paul Rudd, John Slattery, Jameson Jamey Copeland, Dirk Ellis, Sven Hönig, Katie Amess, Justin East, Jim Rash, Damion Poitier, Austin Handle, Emma Ve, Brett Gentile, Lucie Carroll, Brent Moorer Gaskins, William Ngo, Sanya Kongdara, Rory Healy, Joe Russo, Stephanie Long, Gregory Lee Cason, Aaron Manning, Teo Ciltia, Cornell John, Travis Thompson, William Hurt, Jamie Soricelli, Jason Speer, Gene Farber, Ray Sahetapy, Silvina Buchbauer, Emily VanCamp, Jackson Spidell, Inder Kumar, Lon Nease, Peter Luis Zimmerman, Dominic M. Lee, Al Cerullo, Alonso Grandío
In Theaters:May 06, 2016
Runtime:2 hours 27 minutes
Production:Marvel Studios, Vita-Ray Dutch Productions (III), Studio Babelsberg
Box Office:$408,084,349
Available On:Amazon, Itunes, Netflix, Vudu