College student Sarah Foster is found by the police, as she is sleepwalking on the road. Since the suicide of her husband Jonathon, who worked as a novelist, she is suffering from sleep disorder. A few days later, she talks to Dr Cooper, whose student she was, about the sleepwalking and a recurring nightmare, in which she is attacked by an unknown man. Cooper sends her to a therapy in a sleep laboratory. During a walk on a cemetery, Sarah talks about it with her roommate Dawn, who shows a personal interest in her professor Owen. Then an attractive man gets out of a black car and Sarah imagines him being single. At the evening in the sleep laboratory, Dr. Koslov explains to her that her neuronal activity will be observed during the night. He also introduces her to Dr. Scott White, the director of the lab. It is the man whom Sarah has seen at the cemetery. He tells her, that a student was buried and he was there with a colleague. Sarah confides to him that she loved her husband, but not his work as a novelist.