The NeverEnding Story

Bastian Balthazar Bux is a shy and outcast bibliophile ten-year-old raised by his widowed father, teased by bullies from school. On his way to school, he hides from the bullies in a bookstore, interrupting the grumpy bookseller, Carl Conrad Coreander. Bastian asks about one of the books he sees, called "The Neverending Story", but Mr. Coreander advises against it. With his curiosity piqued, Bastian seizes the book, leaving a note promising to return it, and hides in the school's attic to read. The book describes the fantasy world of Fantasia slowly being devoured by a malevolent force called "The Nothing". Fantasia's ruler, the Childlike Empress, has fallen ill, and the young warrior Atreyu is tasked to discover the cure, believing that once the Empress is well, the Nothing will no longer be a threat. Atreyu is given a medallion named the Auryn that can guide and protect him in the quest. As Atreyu sets out, the Nothing summons Gmork, a vicious and highly intelligent wolf-like creature, to kill Atreyu.

MPAA Rating:PG
Genre:Adventure, Drama, Family, Fantasy
Country:Germany, United States
Produced By:Dieter Geissler, GÜNter Rohrbach, Bernd Schaefers, John W. Hyde, Bernd Eichinger, Mark Damon, Klaus KÄHler
Directed By:Wolfgang Petersen
Written By:Michael Ende, Herman Weigel, Robert Easton, Wolfgang Petersen
Cast:Noah Hathaway, Thomas Hill, Alan Oppenheimer, Silvia Seidel, Frank Lenart, Gerald Mcraney, Patricia Hayes, Deep Roy, Barret Oliver, Sydney Bromley, Beth Anderson, Moses Gunn, Heinz Reincke, Tilo PrÜCkner, Chris Eastman, Dee Harris, Tami Stronach, Darryl Cooksey, Limahl, Nicholas Gilbert
In Theaters:Jul 20, 1984
Runtime:1 hour 42 minutes
Production:Constantin Film, Bavaria Studios, Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR)
Box Office:$20,158,808
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