Richard III

In a fictitious alternate timeline of England in the late 1930s, a chaotic and bloody civil war (which occurs 450 years later than the actual historical event) ends with Lancastrian King Henry and his son Prince Edward assassinated by Field Marshal Richard Gloucester of the rival faction supported by the House of York. Richard's elder brother Edward York becomes King.

Richard is determined to take the crown, and pits King Edward against his brother, George Clarence, who is imprisoned under a sentence of death. Meanwhile, Richard deceives and marries Prince Edward's widow Lady Anne Neville.

MPAA Rating:R
Genre:Drama, War, Sci Fi
Country:United Kingdom, United States
Produced By:Stephen Bayly, Ian Mckellen, Lisa Katselas, Michele Tandy, Joe Simon, Ellen Dinerman Little, Maria Apodiacos, David Lascelles, Mary Richards
Directed By:Richard Loncraine
Written By:Richard Loncraine, Ian McKellen, William Shakespeare
Cast:Tres Hanley, Stacey Kent, Adrian Dunbar, Donald Sumpter, Maggie Smith, Ian McKellen, John Wood, Denis Lill, Annette Bening, David Antrobus, Nigel Hawthorne, Kristin Scott Thomas, Robert Downey Jr., Roger Hammond, Andy Rashleigh, Michael Elphick, Ryan Gilmore, Jim Broadbent, James Dreyfus, Madeleine Mora, Dominic West, Bruce Purchase, Tim McInnerny, Marco Williamson, Bill Paterson, Christopher Bowen, Derek Lyons, Kate Steavenson-Payne, Edward Jewesbury, Jim Carter, Edward Hardwicke
In Theaters:Dec 29, 1995
Runtime:1 hour 44 minutes
Production:Mayfair Entertainment International, British Screen Productions, Bayly/Paré Productions, United Artists Pictures, First Look International
Box Office:$2,684,904
Available On:Vudu
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