May The Devil Take You Too

Two years have passed since the events in the last film, however Alfie is still experiencing paranormal phenomena. One day she and Nara are kidnapped and taken to an abandoned orphanage by a group of strangers introducing themselves as Gabi, Dewi, Marta, Kristi, Budi, Janar, and Gadis. The group used to live at the orphanage and continued to even after its closing and the death of the owner's wife. They were abused by the owner, Ayub, who worshipped Moloch, prompting them to burn him alive in the home's cellar. Gadis insisted that his spirit was following and cursing them, however they didn't believe her until a seventh person in their group was killed in a supernatural fashion.

MPAA Rating:NR
Genre:Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Directed By:Timo Tjahjanto
Written By:Timo Tjahjanto
Cast:Shareefa Daanish, Arya Vasco, Baskara Mahendra, Tri Hariono, Karina Salim, Dwiky Al Asyam, Ruth Marini, Karina Suwandhi, Lutesha, Aurélie Moeremans, Chelsea Islan, Widika Sidmore, Ray Sahetapy, Hadijah Shahab
In Theaters:Apr 27, 2021
Runtime:1 hour 50 minutes
Production:Frontier Pictures, Legacy Pictures, Rapi Films, Brown Entertainment, Screenplay Films
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