The Warriors

Cyrus, leader of the Gramercy Riffs, the most powerful gang in New York City, calls a midnight summit of all the city's gangs, requesting them to send nine unarmed delegates to Van Cortlandt Park. The Warriors, a modest, multiracial gang from Coney Island, attend the summit. Cyrus proposes to the crowd a permanent citywide truce and alliance that would allow the gangs to control the city together, since they collectively outnumber the police by three to one.

MPAA Rating:R
Genre:Action, Thriller, Crime
Country:United States
Produced By:Laurent Bouzereau, Walter Hill, Freeman A. Davies, Joel Silver, Lawrence Gordon, Frank Marshall
Directed By:Walter Hill
Written By:David Shaber, Walter Hill, Sol Yurick
Cast:Gene Bicknell, Larry Sears, Tom McKitterick, Pamela Poitier, David Harris, Gwynn Press, George Lee Miles, Debra Winger, Irwin Keyes, Victor Magnotta, Joel Weiss, Robert Townsend, A.J. Bakunas, Mercedes Ruehl, Michael Beck, David Patrick Kelly, Mike James, Thomas G. Waites, Deborah Van Valkenburgh, Carl Brown, Laura Delano, Patty Brown, Gary Baxley, Jodi Price, Gregory Cleghorne, Steve James, Craig R. Baxley, Fernando Castillo, Victoria Vanderkloot, Carrotte, Bill Anagnos, Curtis Price, Harry Madsen, John Snyder, Roger Hill, James Remar, Lynne Thigpen, Joseph Bergmann, Iris Klein, Tony Clark, Marcelino Sánchez, Richard Alleman, Steve Garfanti, Paul Greco, Frazier Prince, Rob Ryder, Charles Silvern, Larry Silvestri, Michael Jeffrey, Anton Evangelista, Lisa Maurer, Dennis Gregory, Dorsey Wright, Dan Bonnell, Jery Hewitt, Doran Clark, Tommy J. Huff, Steven Chambers, Ginny Ortiz, Charles Zucker, Jeffrey Scott, Eddie Earl Hatch, Andy Engel, Brian Tyler, Antone Pagan, Wanda Velez, Terry Michos, Sonny Landham, J.W. Smith, Frank Ferrara, Apache Ramos, R. Michael Fierro, Mark Richard Goldman, Randy Feelgood, Konrad Sheehan, Leon Delaney, Robert Dominick Jones, Tom Jarus, Michael Garfield, Marvin Foster
In Theaters:Feb 09, 1979
Runtime:1 hour 32 minutes
Production:Paramount Pictures
Box Office:$22,490,039
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