During the 1970s, chaos reigns in the city of Philadelphia as southern portions of the city protest the shutdown of several job sites while their NFL team, the Philadelphia Eagles, endures a string of losing seasons, along with irate fans.

In 1976, Vince Papale goes to a sandlot one night and joins his friends playing a pick-up practice football game against another group of young men. After the game ends, Papale goes home and finds out that his wife Sharon is disgusted with his alleged failure to provide proper support.

The next morning, Papale goes to the high school where he works as a substitute teacher. In a short, unexpected meeting with the principal, he is told of his layoff. Later in the day, there is a report that the Eagles have hired a new head coach named Dick Vermeil as shown in a formal televised conference. That night, Papale goes to the bar where he works as a part-time bartender. The bar contains die-hard Eagles fans, who are watching TV about the hiring of Vermeil. The news story concludes with the announcement by Vermeil that he is staging open public tryouts for the Eagles. The men in the bar encourage Papale to go to the tryout. When Papale returns home, he finds out that his wife has left him and a note from her saying he will never be anything in the world. Distraught, Papale trashes the few remaining belongings that Sharon left behind. Read more on Wikipedia.

MPAA Rating:PG
Country:United States
Produced By:Pete DeStefano, Ken Mok, Mark Ciardi, Jon Mone, Victor H. Constantino, Gordon Gray, Ezra Swerdlow, Nicole Reed
Directed By:Ericson Core
Written By:Brad Gann
Cast:Brian Scott Fitzgerald, Tony Luke Jr., Justin Stern, Catherine Copplestone, Rocky Myers, Christopher Descano, David Kiiskinen, Michael Kelly, John Venable, Sasha Azevedo, Elizabeth Banks, Keith Moyer, Rosa Nichols, Jill Waterston, Justin Goncalves, Patrick McDade, Greg Kinnear, Scott Allen Bell, Jack Kehler, Turron Kofi Alleyne, Shaun Paul Costello, Vincent Riviezzo, Brittany Joyner, Pete DeStefano, Anthony Lawton, John Wooten, Randy Couture, Michael Griffith, Akai Draco, Michael Brainard, Michael Ahl, Michael McCarthy, Barbara Lessin, Cosmo DeMatteo, Jimmy Graham III, Kurt Runkle, Morgan Turner, John McClain, Clyde Anthony, David Kneeream, Paige Turco, William James Kelly, Kevin Conway, Michael Mulheren, Raymond Mamrak, Susan Moses, Daniel Spink, Vince Papale, Sal Darigo, Don Whatley, Mina Pahlevan, Atif Lanier, Michael Rispoli, Cory Kastle, Lola Glaudini, Mark Falvo, Robert Bizik, Mark Simms, Kirk Acevedo, Steven Moreti, John Leslie Wolfe, Dominick Cicco, Lynn Cohen, Frank Traynor, Christina Mahon, Merrill Reese, Stink Fisher, Nate Stephens, Nicoye Banks, Dov Davidoff, Pride Grinn, Kenny Shapiro, Mike Quick, Antwain Brown, Dragos Berghia, Franklin Ojeda Smith, Heath McGough, Nicholas Alexander Martino, Brad Hartliep, Devin Williamson, Benjamin R. Brown III, Brian Hayes Currie, Dan Van Wert, Michael Wingate Jones, Tristan Phillips, Sonny Vellozzi, Francis J. Ferrara, Charles Pendelton, Bryan Donoghue, Jimmy Palumbo, Mark Wahlberg, Steve M. Clark, Kimberly Villanova, Ryan Tygh, James Murtaugh, Darius Johnson, Nicole Holt, Scottie Nic, Keyon Smith, Matt Fowler, Johnny Alves, Frederick Strother, Rick Reilly, Tim Lamendola, Alexander Emmert, Fabian Watkins, Scott Yannick, Bill Duff, David Pearl, Sloan DeForest, Michael Nouri, Gerardo Davila, Sharon Carpenter-Rose, Samantha Steffen, Mark Bitner, Jeffrey Mowery, John R. Strange, Christian Dorsey, Kyle Klaus, Lionel Anthony Cook, Rod Britton, Timothy F. Crowley, Patrick M. Walsh, Jordan Willis, Daniel Bartkewicz, Bridgette Mishelle
In Theaters:Aug 25, 2006
Runtime:1 hour 45 minutes
Production:Walt Disney Pictures, Mayhem Pictures, Who's Nuts Productions
Box Office:$57,789,574
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