The Animal

In the town of Elkerton, Marvin Mange (Rob Schneider) is an awkward, clumsy nice-guy who dreams of being a police officer like his dad was. He continuously attempts to pass the physical test to become a full-fledged police officer. Despite his repeated attempts, he is unable to finish the obstacle course. Marvin gets constantly mistreated by heartless and sleazy police sergeant Doug Sisk (John C. McGinley). He works in the police station as an evidence clerk and is friends with airport security guard Miles (Guy Torry) who is a victim of "reverse racism" and fellow cadet Fatty (Louis Lombardi).

One day, while alone at the station, he receives a robbery call from a restaurant owned by Mr. Tam (Raymond Ma). With no other officers responding to the call, he attempts to take it himself but ends up driving off the road, tumbling down a mountain and seriously injuring himself. Just as the car finally comes to a stop, a boulder falls on top of it and he passes out.