The Blazing World

The Blazing World is a 2021 American fantasy horror-thriller film written and directed by Carlson Young and co-written by Pierce Brown. The film stars Udo Kier, Carlson Young, Dermot Mulroney, Vinessa Shaw, John Karna, Soko and Edith González in her final film role before her death in 2019.

MPAA Rating:NR
Genre:Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Romance
Country:United States
Directed By:Carlson Young
Written By:Carlson Young, Pierce Brown
Cast:Bailey Lewis, Udo Kier, Liz Mikel, Dermot Mulroney, Breckyn Hager, Josie Fink, Robert H. Lambert, Lillie Fink, Sophia Bernard, Laurel Day, Carlson Young, Vinessa Shaw, Soko, Ace Anderson, John Karna, Jason Howell
In Theaters:Oct 15, 2021
Runtime:1 hour 41 minutes
Production:Greenbelt Films, Tealhouse Entertainment, American Stream Wave, Wavelength
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