The Walk

In 1974, Parisian street performer Philippe Petit bites a hard candy from the audience, damaging his tooth. In the dentist's waiting room, he sees a photo of the World Trade Center Twin Towers in a magazine. Analyzing it, he dreams to walk a tightrope between it. Meanwhile, he is evicted from his parents' house by his father who disapproves of his job. Philippe returns to the circus that inspired him to wire walk as a child and practices in the big top after hours. He is caught by Papa Rudy, whom he impresses with his juggling skills. Philippe asks Papa Rudy for tips and advice on knot tying and rope rigging, which Papa Rudy agrees to for compensation.

MPAA Rating:PG
Genre:Adventure, Biography, Drama, Thriller
Country:United States
Produced By:Ben Waisbren, Jack Rapke, Robert Zemeckis, Steve Starkey, Jacqueline Levine, Cherylanne Martin
Directed By:Robert Zemeckis
Written By:Robert Zemeckis, Philippe Petit, Christopher Browne
Cast:Gara Nlandu, Philippe Bertrand, Inka Malovic, Steve Barry, Jason Deline, Julia Dawi, Catherine Lemieux, Philippe Hartmann, Serge Martineau, Larry Day, Charlotte Le Bon, Momo Casablanca, Vlad Stokanic, Karl Graboshas, Patricia Tulasne, Galia Oliel-Sabbag, Denis Michaud, Jade Kindar-Martin, Kwasi Songui, César Domboy, Marie Turgeon, Clément Sibony, Sylvain Landry, Laurence Deschênes, Mark Camacho, Massimo Cannistraro, Guillaume Baillargeon, Leif Anderson, Yanik Ethier, Stuart Fink, Harry Standjofski, Jason Blicker, Harvey Diamond, Karl Werleman, Melantha Blackthorne, James Badge Dale, Serge Boulianne, Trevor Botkin, Lucas Ramacière, Julien Heron, Soleyman Pierini, Ben Kingsley, Émilie Leclerc, Kent McQuaid, Darrell Lee-Izeard, Mark Trafford, Daniel Harroch, Robert D'Alessio, Sasha Dominique, Benedict Samuel, Mizinga Mwinga, Sylvie Lemay, Steve Valentine, Jean-Robert Bourdage, Chris Cavener, Sergio Di Zio, Guido Grasso Jr., Joel Rinzler, Vittorio Rossi, Nathaly Thibault, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Maxime Paradis, Adam Bernett, Martin Lefebvre, Rebecca Croll, Ben Schwartz, Patrick Baby
In Theaters:Oct 09, 2015
Runtime:2 hours 3 minutes
Production:Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE), TriStar Productions, ImageMovers
Box Office:$10,137,502
Available On:Amazon, Itunes, Vudu
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