It's safe to say that Trent Reznor probably did not do the Bird Box challenge.
Since's release on April 28th, 2015, .io games have gained popularity through accessibility and exposure through Let's Play videos. Notable YouTubers, including Markiplier and Jacksepticeye, have made series revolving around these games. Within the past 4 years, .io has expanded out of into countless other games. Some are zombie-themed, others have war robots. Some lag like crazy, others run smoothly and extend their reach to mobile devices.
Ever since the release of Arena in 1994, the Elder Scrolls action/RPG video game franchise has consistently delivered gamers the most immersive open world fantasy experience imaginable. Interestingly, a key way in which Bethesda Game Studios has crafted the illusion where players enter into a living, breathing reality is by not signposting all the content each game has to offer.
15 minutes into Jacob Estes’ new movie Relive, I wrote down in my notebook who I thought the killer was. I was right. Even though Estes wants his movie to be a twisty, time-traveling thriller, the narrative is too confined to cliches to ever branch out into something unexpected. It’s like Estes pitched a generic crime thriller, the pitch was rejected, and he added, “Uh, what if time travel was involved somehow?” and Blumhouse said, “Here is your low budget. Make sure none of the extras have any lines even if they see someone bleeding to death.” Instead …