Girl on the Third Floor

A deeply-flawed ex-lawyer named Don Koch seeking a new start in life, purchases a run-down old house in the suburbs of Chicago with the intent of fixing it up to provide himself and his very pregnant wife, Liz, a new life away from the city. He moves into the home ahead of her, determined to begin renovating the house without any help, despite his wife's advice. He learns through his new neighbors that the house has a sordid past, and Don begins experiencing several supernatural events within the home.

MPAA Rating:NR
Country:United States
Directed By:Travis Stevens
Written By:Ben Parker, Paul Johnstone, Travis Stevens
Cast:Tonya Kay, Trieste Kelly Dunn, Anish Jethmalani, C.M. Punk, Sarah Brooks, Travis Delgado, Bishop Stevens, Marshall Bean, Elissa Dowling, Karen Woditsch
In Theaters:Oct 25, 2019
Runtime:1 hour 33 minutes
Production:Queensbury Pictures
Available On:Amazon, Itunes
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