Thor: Ragnarok had a number of interesting faces you probably missed.
While all this quarantine business has made connecting with your friends far more difficult than normal, it’s actually made it far easier to connect with celebrities. We here at Collider kicked off our Collider Connected live interview series with Roger Deakins, Will Forte, and Michael Giacchino, and earlier this week, James Gunn participated in a live-tweet of Guardians of the Galaxy. And now Oscar-winner Taika Waititi will be hosting an Instagram Live watch party for his own Marvel film Thor: Ragnarok. The party will take place today, April 9th, at 4pm PST on Waititi’s Instagram. He …
Here are 10 facts you should know if you loved Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok.
What does the Frozen sequel have in common with Taika Waititi’s Marvel film ?
Marvel Studios always liked to play the long game - and Thor: Ragnarok was actually designed to set up The Eternals and the Celestials.
Thor: Ragnarok star Mark Ruffalo reveals how Marvel reacted after he leaked the opening moments of the film's Hollywood premiere.
Taika Waititi's original opening scene for Thor: Ragnarok, showing Hela heartlessly killing Odin, is now available to watch online.
Thor: Ragnarok concept artist Constantine Sekeris unveils an unused design for a Sakaarian robot that looks positively out of this world.
Thor: Ragnarok may be the funniest film in the MCU, but it's also one of the deepest, exploring issues of colonization and post-colonial societies.
Eagle-eyed Marvel fans have found another Eternals Easter egg in Thor: Ragnarok. Did you spot Arishem's Celestial spaceship in the background?
Concept art from The Art of Avengers: Endgame reveals Loki went to Jotunheim at the end of Thor: Ragnarok in an alternate draft of the script.
Let's just say that Odin's death would have gone down a lot differently.
Odin wasn't always supposed to die peacefully in Norway in Thor: Ragnarok and a deleted scene confirms the original way the Allfather was going to go.
Sad Thor: Ragnarok isn't on Disney+? That will change next month when Taika Waititi's hit MCU film moves from Netflix to Disney's service.
Mark Ruffalo's Hulk in Taika Waititi's Thor: Ragnarok reveals a subtle but significant Easter egg referring to Edward Norton's version of the hero.
Thor: Ragnarok's original concept was very different than the final product, and those changes were possible thanks to Taika Waititi's involvement.
A quick Easter egg in Thor: Ragnarok confirmed that Man-Thing exists in the MCU, setting up the swamp monster for a possible appearance elsewhere.