Four Atlanta men, Lewis Medlock, Ed Gentry, Bobby Trippe, and Drew Ballinger, decide to canoe down a river in the remote northern Georgia wilderness, expecting to have fun and witness the area's unspoiled nature before the fictional Cahulawassee River valley is flooded by construction of a dam. Lewis and Ed are experienced outdoorsmen, while Bobby and Drew are novices. While traveling to their launch site, the men (Bobby in particular) are condescending towards the locals, who are unimpressed by the "city boys".

MPAA Rating:R
Genre:Adventure, Drama, Thriller
Country:United States
Produced By:John Boorman, Charles Orme
Directed By:John Boorman
Written By:John Boorman, James Dickey
Cast:Johnny Popwell, Ed Ramey, Ronny Cox, Herbert 'Cowboy' Coward, Louise Coldren, Bill McKinney, Lewis Crone, James Dickey, Peter Ware, Hoyt Pollard, Seamon Glass, Burt Reynolds, Randall Deal, Belinda Beatty, Kathy Rickman, Jon Voight, Charley Boorman, Billy Redden, John Fowler, Ken Keener, Macon McCalman, Ned Beatty
In Theaters:Jul 30, 1972
Runtime:1 hour 49 minutes
Production:Warner Bros., Elmer Enterprises
Box Office:$46,122,355
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