When you sit down for a Ju-On story, you usually know what you're going to get. The pale creepy ghosts, the hunched kids in the corner, stringy black hair of doom, the cat cries, and a lot of horrific tales about the real-life violence behind the cursed creepy specters. Since Takashi Shimizu's original 1998 shorts, through the feature films, sequels, American remakes, sequels to those remakes, this year's reboot Grudge, and heck, even a 2009 video game simulator, the hallmarks of that visual language and tonal focus remained consistent. Netflix's new series spin on …
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Director of The Grudge, Nicolas Pesce, has ideas for a sequel to his recently released film, despite the movie getting mostly negative reviews.
The Grudge 2020, from director Nicolas Pesce, has yet to be green-lit for a sequel, which may or may not happen given the film's negative reviews.
While often considered a remake or reboot, 2020's The Grudge is actually a loose sequel, and connects to the prior American Grudge movies.
The first weekend at the box office is just kicking off and already there are some interesting updates we need to unpack. Having made it through a successful and bountiful holiday moviegoing season, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is entering its third weekend in theaters as the reigning box office champ. Meanwhile, Screen Gems/Sony Pictures release The Grudge, a reboot of the early '00s horror flick The Grudge (which is a remake of Japanese frightfest Ju-on: The Grudge), arrived in theaters on Friday as the first new release of 2020. The Rise of Skywalker added $11 million …
The latest remake of The Grudge opened on the same day as the review embargo lifted, revealing the truly terrible critical responses to it.
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The Grudge's 2020 remake explores the curse's abilities and explores the concept of lingering trauma that people cannot escape.
The Grudge is a 2020 "sidequel" based on the original Japanese franchise, Ju-On, and was originally remade in 2004. Here's the cast list.
Although it tries to revive the brand by including new ingredients and extra gore, The Grudge reboot is mostly a grosser rehash of what's come before.
The original Ju-On: The Grudge is a Japanese horror classic. How does it differ from its American remake?