The Ridiculous 6

In the Old West, a calm man named Tommy, known as "White Knife" by the Native American tribe who raised him after his mother was murdered is to marry a member of the tribe named Smoking Fox. Following a run-in with a deranged, Native American-racist food proprietor named Clem and the Left-Eye Gang (who have all removed their right eyes to join) led by Will Patch, Tommy is visited by a bank robber named Frank Stockburn who claims to be Tommy's biological father. Tommy explains to Frank that his mother was shot by a man with a tattooed hand when she was escorting him to school during his childhood. Frank also tells Tommy that he is dying of consumption and had amassed $50,000 which he buried in a meadow next to a pine tree and is offering to Tommy and the Natives.

MPAA Rating:NR
Genre:Comedy, Western
Country:United States
Produced By:Ted Sarandos, Allen Covert, Dan Bulla, Tim Herlihy, Aimee Keen, Kevin Grady, Heather Parry, Barry Bernardi, Pauline Fischer, Sarah Bowen, Nick Swardson, Adam Sandler, Paul Sado, Daryl Kass
Directed By:Frank Coraci
Written By:Tim Herlihy, Adam Sandler
Cast:Dana Goodman, Sarah Minnich, Michael E. Stogner, Chris Titone, James Ning, Norm MacDonald, Fernando Fresquez, Lavell Crawford, Terry Crews, John Turturro, Chris Kattan, Sadie Sandler, Blake Clark, Dan Bulla, Kearon Lehman, Vanilla Ice, Natasha Nazario, Nick Nolte, Jonathan Loughran, Rodger Larance, Jorge Garcia, Whitney Cummings, Clint Obenchain, J. Nathan Simmons, Stephen Eiland, Benny James, David Manzanares, Tim Herlihy, John Farley, Kimo Keoke, Sunny Sandler, Will Forte, Steve Buscemi, Blake Shelton, Meggie Maddock, Kevin Grady, Richard Beal, Burton Ritchie, Kenneth Ruthardt, Julianne Medina, Julia Jones, Tina Parker, Crystal Miller, Cliff Gravel, Katalina Parrish, Steve Zahn, Catharine Pilafas, Ruben Rivera Laguna, Denny O'Connor, Harvey Keitel, Lauren Poole, Christopher W. Garcia, Madison Fogle, Gonzalo Robles, Robin Leach, Paul Caster, Ricky Lee, Corinne Fox, Victoria L. Moya, J.D. Donaruma, Jon Lovitz, Danny Trejo, Julia Lea Wolov, Dan Patrick, Patrick Gozur, Nick Swardson, David Spade, Jared Sandler, Martin Palmer, Alex Knight, Luke Wilson, Henry Steckman, Julia Vera, Derek Blakeney, Ricardo Andres, Jackie Sandler, Chris Parnell, King Orba, Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Jetto Dorsainville, Paul Sado, Taylor Lautner, James E. Lane, Saginaw Grant
In Theaters:Dec 11, 2015
Runtime:1 hour 59 minutes
Production:Eaves Movie Ranch, Happy Madison Productions
Available On:Netflix
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