Rusty Griswold is now working as a pilot for a low budget regional airline called Econo-Air, living in Suburban Chicago, Illinois and shares a stale relationship with his wife Debbie and their two sons, their shy and awkward 14-year-old James, and their sadistic 12-year-old Kevin, who constantly bullies and torments his older brother. The gloating from his friends Jack and Nancy Peterson about a family trip they had in Paris doesn't help his situation.

MPAA Rating:R
Genre:Adventure, Comedy
Country:United States
Produced By:Richard Brener, Chris Bender, Dave Neustadter, Jeff Kleeman, David Dobkin, Marc S. Fischer, Toby Emmerich, Samuel J. Brown, Steven Mnuchin
Directed By:Jonathan Goldstein, John Francis Daley
Written By:Jonathan Goldstein, John Francis Daley, John Hughes
Cast:Sacha A. Dzuba, Kirstin Ford, Joe Seo, Faneal Godbold, Carla Shinall, Matt Cornwell, Jeff Glover, Pedro Nicanor, Anthony J Sacco, O'Clair Alexander, Eric McCrea, Omar Lagudali, John Crosby, Michael Peña, Jessica Lindsey Gilbert, Alkoya Brunson, Caitlin Halliburton, Catherine Missal, Miles Doleac, Hunter Denoyelles, Ethan Maher, David Clennon, Rick Lite, Tina Redmond, Marshall Choka, Arinitra Chandler, John Francis Daley, Charlie Day, Kimberly Hester Huffstetler, Igor Bondaruk, Blake Sewell, M.V. Oliphant, Ashuntyonna Chandler, Chevy Chase, Ruben Vidal, Paul Michael Pouler, Colin Hanks, R.F. Daley, Skyler Gisondo, Beverly D'Angelo, Eric Gladstone, Nancy DeMars, Libby Blanton, Brooke Jaye Taylor, Samm Levine, Keegan-Michael Key, Fred Galle, Elizabeth Fendrick, Nadine Avola, Emyri Crutchfield, Norman Reedus, Steele Stebbins, Ryan McNeil, Deborah Wilkins, Kaitlin Olson, Gregory Fears, Andrew Raffelson, Michael H. Cole, Emily Kincaid, Valerie Payton, Walter Hendrix III, Ron Livingston, Devlon Chandler Jr., Shere Ladd, Carol Anne Taylor, Jonathan Goldstein, Kati Akins, Saige Donaldson, Cameron James McIntyre, Rory Healy, Nick Kroll, Elizabeth Gillies, Leslie Mann, Regina Hall, Christina Applegate, Marie Joelyn, Chris Hemsworth, Ed Helms, Ryan Cartwright, Tim Heidecker
In Theaters:Jul 29, 2015
Runtime:1 hour 39 minutes
Production:BenderSpink, David Dobkin Productions, New Line Cinema
Box Office:$58,884,188
Available On:Amazon, Itunes, Vudu
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