Mack, a sportswriter from New York City, spends her time by making hook up schemes alongside Adam, her best friend. When Mack meets Nick, a correspondent, Mack must decide whether to keep hooking up or to maintain a relationship.

MPAA Rating:NR
Genre:Comedy, Romance
Country:United States
Directed By:Trish Sie
Written By:Whit Anderson
Cast:Liza Koshy, Veraalba Santa, Sarah Dacey-Charles, Brock O'Hurn, Dan Cordle, Augustus Prew, Joel Courtney, Kais Boukthir, George J. Vezina, Sterling Jonatán Williams, Damon Wayans Jr., Scottie DiGiacomo, Claudia Peters, Tom Ellis, Darron Jay Morgan, James Hightower, Jerry Kernion, Gina Rodriguez
In Theaters:Feb 14, 2024
Runtime:1 hour 45 minutes
Production:Campfire, I Can & I Will Productions, Marc Platt Productions
Available On:Netflix
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