The executive producer also worked on Zoolander and has strong thoughts about movies being a slice of life.
One of my favorite series of the past decade is Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal. The amazing TV show was adapted from the Thomas Harris books with Mads Mikkelsen playing serial killer Dr. Hannibal Lecter and Hugh Dancy playing FBI special investigator Will Graham. While most shows are easy to describe and fit neatly into a box like a procedural, sitcom, or drama, over the course of the three seasons it aired on NBC, Hannibal consistently defied expectations and did things I never thought you could do on network TV. By the time NBC started airing season three, I thought I …
Lin-Manuel Miranda has explained why he allowed the Hamilton movie to be censored on Disney Plus.
History has its eyes on two...out of the three "fucks" in Hamilton. Pretty much from the moment Lin-Manuel Miranda announced that his groundbreaking and impossible-to-see stage play would debut digitally on Disney+, questions arose over just how the kid-friendly, butt-censoring streaming service would handle the three "fucks" in the show. Miranda finally took to Twitter to answer the question: One "fuck" will remain, but we lose two "fucks" to ensure a PG-13 rating. [caption id="attachment_871524" align="alignright" width="360"] Image via Joan Marcus[/caption] According to Miranda, the song "Yorktown" will have "…
Bob Gale wasn't too happy about Universal censoring Back to the Future Part II.
Disney edits have been going on much longer than you think.
Russian film distributors took issue with one scene in Pixar's latest film.
We've previously reported that Hamilton, the hip-hop musical sensation from Lin-Manuel Miranda that obliterated Broadway with its inclusive, genre-blending examination of American history, will come to theaters in 2021 from Disney, as a filmed presentation of a Broadway performance. But, a wrinkle emerges: There are some cuss words in the musical Hamilton, you see. And under their banner, Disney has a strict "PG-13 or under" ratings policy, you see. And if performed exactly as written, Hamilton's usage of multiple F-words would likely bump it up to an R, you see. So what are …
Facebook's automation censored a Tedx video a Reddit user tried to link over a private message, raising questions about privacy on the site.
Shutterstock has begun censoring search terms for users in China. The censored terms include entries like "dictator" and "Chairman Mao".
Disney+ censored two key moments in Free Solo. Here's how the 2018 National Geographic documentary was changed to accommodate the Disney brand.
Knives Out writer-director Rian Johnson reveals he censored Chris Evans' profanity-filled scene himself to prevent the movie from being Rated R.
A curious tweak on The Outer Worlds advertising at Walmart reveals the game's art is being censored to obscure the protagonist's weapon.
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Blizzard's Hearthstone Masters Tour stream is the latest example of censorship from the company, which is banning viewers for typing "Free Hong Kong."
Arrow star Stephen Amell posts a photo from the set of the show's final season, teasing fans with a mysteriously concealed costume in season 8.
Some foreign markets may censor Rocketman's "no holds barred" approach to the musician's life story.