Kidnapping Stella

Kidnapping Stella starts with two ex-convicts, Tom (Max von der Groeben) and Vic (Clemens Schick), meticulously preparing for what is required for kidnapping a girl by stealing a car and make a secluded room soundproof. It is a minimalist film which only these three characters, is played out in only a few locations and has long sequences with little or no dialogue, and tells the story of how Stella (Jella Haase) manages to come out of the clutches of her two masked kidnappers.

MPAA Rating:NR
Directed By:Thomas Sieben
Written By:Thomas Sieben
Cast:Jella Haase, Max Von Der Groeben, Clemens Schick
In Theaters:Jul 12, 2019
Runtime:1 hour 29 minutes
Production:Henning Ferber Produktion
Available On:Netflix
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