The New Guy

The film begins with prison inmate Luther speaking directly to the camera to an unseen individual, telling the story of Dizzy Gillespie Harrison, an 18-year-old nerdy high school senior in Austin, Texas. Dizzy is friends with Nora, Kirk, and Glen, who together started a funk rock band called "Suburban Funk" and are addicted to video games. They attend Rocky Creek High School, where Dizzy is picked on by everyone, especially star football player Barclay. After Tina Osgood touches his arm, causing him to have an erection and embarrassing him as the jocks belittle him, his briefs were yanked from underneath his pants and placed around his head. The school librarian "breaks" his penis after Dizzy refuses to "hand" over the "weapon" to her. Dizzy is misdiagnosed with Tourette's syndrome; he is then placed on medication by the school counselor who advises his father to spend every moment possible with him. While at the mall's food court, the heavily-medicated Dizzy makes a fool of himself at a church revival and gets arrested.

MPAA Rating:PG-13
Country:United States
Produced By:Michael Fottrell, Ed Decter, Todd Garner, Mark Ciardi, John J. Strauss, Gordon Gray, Greg Silverman
Directed By:Ed Decter
Written By:David Kendall
Cast:Henry Rollins, Josh Todd, Landon Kash, Ross Patterson, Josh Bond, Geoffrey Lewis, Rachel Klein, Joy Hadnott, DJ Qualls, Jerod Mixon, Illeana Douglas, Camille Chen, Ryan Waller, Justine Johnston, Nicole Taylor, Dan Eggleston, Tony Hawk, Marta Cross, Julius Carry, Jermaine Dupri, Saudia Rashed, Vanilla Ice, Sunny Mabrey, Kelly Bright, Deborah Abbott, Charlie O'Connell, Ameer Baraka, Greg Romero, Michelle Fairbanks, Julia Schultz, Gary Teague, Gene Simmons, René Alvarado, Christa Campbell, Zooey Deschanel, Charles Hutchison, Mike Wachs, Leigh M. Harris, Robb Chamberlain, Lisa Del Dotto, Kate Alexander, Avery Kidd Waddell, Robert A. Guthrie, Eddie Griffin, Shana McClendon, Kina Cosper, Patrick Dew, Conrad Goode, Christie Abbott, Pride Grinn, Kool Moe Dee, Mike Erwin, Kyle Gass, Matt Gogin, Rick Olmos, Troy Dillinger, Matthew S. Moffett, David Scott Heck, Jason Bohn, Joshua J. Cotten, Meredith May, Laura Clifton, Tommy Lee, Jai Rodriguez, Jerry O'Connell, Matthew Lee Pelosi, Eliza Dushku, Joshua Clephas, Katy Dunlap, Lyle Lovett, Christina Murphy, Vincent James Prendergast, Bill Wolkoff, Cynthia Aguiar, John Christensen, Peter Cornwell, Rachael E. Stevens, Kurt Fuller, Damian Tamburro, Scott Rocher, John Harrison, Timothy F. Crowley, Parry Shen, Horatio Sanz, Valente Rodriguez, M.C. Gainey
In Theaters:May 10, 2002
Runtime:1 hour 28 minutes
Production:Revolution Studios, Bedlam Pictures, Frontier Pictures
Box Office:$29,760,152
Available On:Amazon, Itunes, Vudu
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