Married to the Mob

Angela de Marco is the wife of Long Island mafia up-and-comer "Cucumber" Frank de Marco, who gets violently dispatched by his Don, Tony "The Tiger" Russo, when he is discovered in a compromising situation with the latter's mistress Karen. Angela wants to escape the criminal underworld with her son, but is harassed by Tony who puts the moves on her at Frank's funeral. This clinch earns her the suspicion of FBI agents Mike Downey and Ed Benitez, who are conducting surveillance, and also of Tony's wife Connie, who repeatedly confronts Angela with accusations of stealing her husband. To further complicate things, Downey is assigned to monitor all of Angela's movements as part of an undercover surveillance operation, but cannot resist becoming romantically involved with Angela himself. Angela's attempts to break away from the Mob result in comic mayhem and a climactic showdown in a honeymoon suite in Miami Beach.