Following the Moana 2 trailer teasing what's next for the Polynesian princess, we know where the movie falls on the timeline for the story.
Conor McGregor introduces the “four pass method” that made him beating up Jake Gyllenhaal in Road House look so real.
The Jackass star Steve-O's new special, and the stunt known as the "vasectomy Olympics," is allegedly causing people to faint while watching.
Nia Long says she "wasn't even a topic of discussion" when casting for Avatar took place.
Tyler Perry shared a hopeful message to those who may be struggling with suicidal thoughts.
The critics may have bashed Jurassic World: Dominion, but the worldwide grosses show that this dinosaur tour is still going strong.
Scream 6 will mark the first movie in the franchise without Neve Campbell's Sidney Prescott.
After a cameraman passed out due to a bloody scene, 50 Cent’s comments on the production halt of his new horror film.
Top: Gun Maverick is a complete powerhouse at the box office. It has officially passed Titanic as Paramount's highest-grossing film domestically.
Fast X is still filming, and Sung Kang has reunited with the car Han drove during Tokyo Drift.
Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi isn't convinced that Marvel will make Jane Foster the new Thor.
Everything Everywhere All at Once's Michelle Yeoh revealed how she called out friend Jackie Chan after he passed on her role.
David Cronenberg, the horror director known for chilling films like Scanners and Videodrome, thinks streaming services like Netflix are too conservative for his works.
It looks like Harry Potter's Tom Felton was treated to a VIP experience when he visited Orlando Studios' Wizarding World.
Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins tragically passed away at 50, and appreciation posts have been coming from musicians across all genres.
Jake Gyllenhaal has been the center of a lot of fan talk this past year in particular since Taylor Swift decided to revisit 2012's Red.
This TikTok went viral after it showed an insanely long line at Disneyland - even for guests who payed an extra fee to skip the wait.