From a House on Willow Street

Hazel, her boyfriend Ade, Ade's cousin James, and Mark plot to kidnap diamond heiress Katherine within the next six weeks. The expedited time frame worries Mark, who believes it may cause them to make mistakes. Hazel and Ade are adamant about the time frame, as Ade will soon go on trial for the accidental death of his brother George. They stress the importance of both the timing and the need for a flawless execution. Left with no other option, Mark agrees. Six weeks later, the four break into Katherine house, encountering no resistance and finding the alarm already deactivated. After grabbing Katherine, they return to their headquarters in an abandoned warehouse and chain up Katherine. They are surprised by her dirty and sickly appearance but continue with their plan regardless. Read more on Wikipedia.

MPAA Rating:NR
Genre:Action, Horror
Country:South Africa
Produced By:Zino Ventura, Ryan Haidarian, Mirell Ventura, Simon Ratcliffe, Ariye Mahdeb, Richard West, Alastair Orr
Directed By:Alastair Orr
Written By:Alastair Orr, Catherine Blackman, Jonathan Jordaan
Cast:Zino Ventura, Steven John Ward, Ter Hollmann, Sharni Vinson, Gustav Gerdener, Carlyn Burchell
In Theaters:Mar 24, 2017
Runtime:1 hour 30 minutes
Production:Darkside, the, Fat Cigar Productions
Available On:Netflix