Maximum Risk

A man (Jean-Claude Van Damme) is chased by two other men through the streets of Nice, France, ultimately resulting in his death. A cop, Alain Moreau (also Jean-Claude Van Damme), attends the funeral of a fellow cop; his partner Sebastien (Jean-Hugues Anglade) arrives and takes him to the scene of the other man's death. Shocked at their similarity of appearance, Alain begins investigating the man's background. They discover that his name was Mikhail Suvorov and he is Alain's twin that his mother had to give up at birth because she was impoverished. When Alain tries to visit the office of the lawyer who adopted Mikhail, he finds the building in flames and fights a large Russian man before escaping with the adoption file. Alain takes the money, passport and plane ticket to New York Mikhail had on him and sets out to investigate his death; his only clue is the name "Alex Bohemia."