The Battle of Jangsari

In 1950, just a few months after North Korean forces have overrun most of South Korea, an American-led UN coalition is deployed to Korea to aid the struggling South Koreans. General Douglas MacArthur devises a secret plan to attack behind enemy lines at the port city of Incheon. The risky strategy is opposed by leaders of the other military branches, forcing MacArthur to devise a clandestine operation to gather essential information from within occupied Incheon by coordinating a weeklong South Korean intelligence operation known as "X-Ray".

MPAA Rating:NR
Country:Republic of Korea
Directed By:Kyung-Taek Kwak
Cast:Lee Ho-Jung, David Lee McInnis, Si-Yang Kwak, George Eads, Jae-Wook Lee, Myung-Min Kim, In-Kwon Kim, Daniel Joey Albright, Sung-Cheol Kim, Megan Fox, Minho Choi
In Theaters:Oct 04, 2019
Runtime:1 hour 44 minutes
Production:Taewon Entertainment
Box Office:$8,552
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