Warner Bros. has wisely made Destin Daniel Cretton's 2019 drama Just Mercy available as a free rental throughout the month of June. Based on the book by civil rights attorney Bryan Stevenson, the story follows Stevenson (Michael B. Jordan) as he works to free Walter McMillian (Jamie Foxx) from death row after being wrongfully convicted of murder. In a statement, Warner Bros. said: “We believe in the power of story. Our film ‘Just Mercy,’ based on the life work of civil rights attorney Bryan Stevenson, is one resource we can humbly offer to those who are interested in learning …
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Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx star in this fact-based drama targeting the criminal justice system.
Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx star in this fact-based drama targeting the criminal justice system.
Just Mercy is a new film about a lawyer who helps death row inmates who can't afford it. The movie is filled with inspirational moments.
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From director/co-writer Destin Daniel Cretton and based on the award-winning nonfiction bestseller of the same name by Bryan Stevenson, the real-life drama Just Mercy follows a young lawyer and his inspiring pursuit of justice. After graduating from Harvard, Bryan Stevenson (Michael B. Jordan, also a producer on the film) headed to Alabama to defend those wrongly condemned, and while there, he came across the case of Walter McMillian (Jamie Foxx), a man sentenced to die for the murder of an 18-year-old girl, despite evidence proving his innocence. Stevenson felt compelled to fight for McMillian …