Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

In 1967, British spy Austin Powers thwarts an assassination attempt by his nemesis Dr. Evil in a London nightclub. Dr. Evil escapes in a space rocket and cryogenically freezes himself. Powers volunteers to be placed into cryostasis in case Dr. Evil returns in the future.

Thirty years later, in 1997, Dr. Evil returns to discover his henchman Number 2 has developed Virtucon, the legitimate front of Evil's empire, into a multibillion-dollar enterprise. Uninterested by genuine business, Dr. Evil conspires to steal nuclear weapons and hold the world hostage for $1 million. He increases his demand to $100 billion when he learns that the value of the dollar has fallen due to inflation. Dr. Evil also learns that, during his absence, his associates have artificially created his son, Scott Evil, using his frozen semen. Now a Generation X teenager, Scott is resentful of his father’s absence and resists Dr. Evil's attempts to get closer to him.

MPAA Rating:PG-13
Genre:Comedy, Adventure
Country:Germany, United States
Produced By:Mike Myers, Jennifer Todd, Eric Mcleod, Demi Moore, Suzanne Todd, Claire Rudnick Polstein
Directed By:Jay Roach
Written By:Mike Myers
Cast:Kaye Wade, Carrie Fisher, Daniel Weaver, Michael McDonald, Ted Kairys, Mike Myers, Neil Mullarkey, Anastasia Sakelaris, Michael York, Joe Grisaffi, Cindy Margolis, Jim McMullan, Lois Chiles, Douglas Aarniokoski, Robert Wagner, Ben Scott, John-Clay Scott, Charles Napier, Rob Lowe, Cheri Oteri, Andreanna Veith, Sergio Kato, Robin Gammell, Patrick Bristow, Cheryl Bartel, Joe Son, Mark Bringelson, Fabiana Udenio, Erik Liberman, Sarah Christine Smith, Barbara Ann Moore, Richard Joel, Joann Richter, Mimi Rogers, Lana Antonova, Priscilla Presley, Bruno Campolo, Brian George, Elya Baskin, Patricia Tallman, Cynthia LaMontagne, Afifi Alaouie, Donna W. Scott, Larry Thomas, Paul Dillon, Clint Howard, Monet Mazur, Susanna Hoffs, Dan Frenkel, Christian Slater, Sterling Wolfe, Seth Green, Steve Monroe, Laura Payne-Gabriel, Mindy Sterling, Elizabeth Hurley, Gwenda Perez, Neill Calabro, Carlton Lee Russell, Stuart D. Johnson, Alex Morissen, Johnathan Brownlee, Heather Marie Marsden, Tom Arnold, Vince Melocchi, Matthew Sweet, Will Ferrell
In Theaters:May 02, 1997
Runtime:1 hour 34 minutes
Production:Capella International, Eric's Boy, Juno Pix , KC Medien, Moving Pictures (I), New Line Cinema
Box Office:$53,883,989
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