The Woman Who Left

Horacia Somorostro (Charo Santos-Concio) was released in 1997 after being imprisoned for a crime she did not commit. Although Somorostro reunites with her daughter, she learns that her husband is now deceased and her son is missing. She realized that a thing remains unchanged - the power and privilege of the elite. This belief is cemented when Somorostro later found out that her former rich lover, Rodrigo Trinidad was the one who framed her for a crime. She learns that Trinidad is forced to stay within his house like his friends due to kidnapping incidents targeting the rich. To the ruling class, the kidnappings are the most serious problem in the country's history. Somorostro begins to plot her revenge amidst the crisis. Read more on Wikipedia.

MPAA Rating:NR
Produced By:Lav Diaz, Ronald Arguelles
Directed By:Lav Diaz
Written By:Lav Diaz, Leo Tolstoy
Cast:Nonie Buencamino, Mae Paner, Jo-Ann Requiestas, Lao Rodriguez, Marjorie Lorico, Mayen Estanero, Michael De Mesa, Kakai Bautista, Shamaine Buencamino, John Lloyd Cruz, Charo Santos-Concio
In Theaters:May 19, 2017
Runtime:3 hours 46 minutes
Production:Sine Olivia Pilipinas, Cinema One Originals
Box Office:$3,906