In 1967 Dalida goes to a hotel and unsuccessfully attempts suicide. Rushing to her side during recovery are her ex-husband Lucien Morisse, her ex-lover Jean Sobieski and her brother Orlando (born Bruno). The three men explain different facets of Dalida's personality: Dalida grew up up a passionate music lover thanks to her violinist father in Cairo but always felt herself to be ugly because of the large glasses she wore. She was discovered in Paris by Lucien Morisse, a Parisian radio programmer who eventually fell for her and left his wife for her. Dalida became disillusioned with Morisse when he put off marriage and a child to focus on building her career. Nevertheless she married him, but quickly began an affair with artist Jean Sobieski. She eventually left Sobieski as well, to have an affair with Luigi Tenco, a temperamental musician. Luigi commits suicide after having a breakdown and walking off stage at a music competition. Dalida finds his body and it is this her friends and family believe has contributed to her mental breakdown and suicide attempt. Read more on Wikipedia.