Satan's Slaves 2: Communion

Several years after they managed to save themselves from a terrible incident that made them lose their mother and the youngest Ian, Rini and her younger siblings, Toni and Bondi, and their Father live in flats. They believe living in flats is safe if something happens because there are many people.

However, they soon realize that living with many people might also be dangerous if they do not know their neighbors. On a night full of terror, Rini and her family must return to save themselves. But this time, it might be too late to run.

MPAA Rating:NR
Genre:Drama, Horror, Mystery
Directed By:Joko Anwar
Written By:Joko Anwar
Cast:Tara Basro, Endy Arfian, Fachry Albar, Fatih Unru, M. Iqbal Sulaiman, Egy Fedly, Bront Palarae, Nafiza Fatia Rani, Nasar Annuz, Rukman Rosadi, Jourdy Pranata, Ratu Felisha, Mian Tiara, Muzakki Ramdhan, Asmara Abigail, Kiki Narendra, Ayu Laksmi, M. Adhiyat
In Theaters:Nov 10, 2022
Runtime:1 hour 59 minutes
Production:Rapi Films, Come and See Pictures, Sky Films, Brown Entertainment, Legacy Pictures
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