The Artist

In 1927, silent film star George Valentin is posing for pictures outside the premiere of his latest hit film when a young woman, Peppy Miller, accidentally bumps into him. Valentin reacts with humor to the accident and shows off with Peppy for the cameras. The next day, Peppy finds herself on the front page of Variety with the headline "Who's That Girl?" Later, Peppy auditions as a dancer and is spotted by Valentin, who insists that she have a part in Kinograph Studios' next production, despite objections from the studio boss, Al Zimmer. While performing a scene in which they dance together, Valentin and Peppy show great chemistry, despite her being merely an extra. With a little guidance from Valentin (he draws a beauty spot on her, which will eventually be her trademark, after finding her in his dressing room), Peppy slowly rises through the industry, earning more prominent starring roles.

MPAA Rating:PG-13
Genre:Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country:Belgium, France, United States
Produced By:Adrian Politowski, Richard Middleton, Emmanuel Montamat, Gilles Waterkeyn, Jean Dujardin, Nadia Khamlichi, Thomas Langmann, Daniel Delume, Antoine De Cazotte, Jeremy Burdek
Directed By:Michel Hazanavicius
Written By:Michel Hazanavicius
Cast:Clement Blake, Missi Pyle, Dash Pomerantz, Robert Amico, Jen Lilley, Cletus Young, Jennifer Kaye Evans, Andrew Schlessinger, Katie Wallack, Michael Laren, Jewel Shepard, Uggie, Alex Holliday, Matt Skollar, Ken Davitian, Devon Marie King, Ed Lauter, Ezra Buzzington, Matt J. Doyle, Philip Ongert, Penelope Ann Miller, Geoff Pilkington, David Bantly, Joseph Falsetti, John H. Tobin, Rene Napoli, Sergio Kato, Patrick Krull, John Goodman, Vincent De Paul, Ashley Lane Adams, Adria Tennor, Kevin Ketcham, Brian J. Williams, Basil Hoffman, Frank Scozzari, Jean Dujardin, James Cromwell, Bill Fagerbakke, Lily Knight, Tim DeZarn, Beau Nelson, Christopher Ashe, Joshua Capo, Kevin Michael Hoffman, Matthew Albrecht, Sarah Karges, Calvin Dean, Sonya Macari, Sarah Scott, Beth Grant, Ben Kurland, Bérénice Bejo, Niko Novick, Aleksandr Bible, Andy Milder, Bill Blair, Brian Chenoweth, Annie O'Donnell, Andrew Ross Wynn, Hal Landon Jr., Stephen Mendillo, Teri Bocko, Malcolm McDowell, Victor Holstein, Jamie Preston, Joel Murray, Patrick Mapel, Randee Reicher, Momo Dione, Harvey J. Alperin, Josh Margulies, Stuart Pankin, Nina Siemaszko, Elizabeth Tulloch, Carmen Kirby, Wiley M. Pickett, J. Mark Donaldson, Tasso Feldman, Robert Kestler, Jesse Ruda, Jillana Laufer, Amanda Chism, Cleto Augusto, David Allen Cluck, Josh Woodle, Katie Nisa, Jennifer Ingrum, Bob Glouberman
In Theaters:Jan 20, 2012
Runtime:1 hour 40 minutes
Production:Studio 37, La Petite Reine, La Classe Américaine, JD Prod, France 3 Cinéma , Jouror Productions, uFilm, Canal+
Box Office:$44,671,682
Available On:Amazon, Itunes, Netflix, Vudu
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