Walk the Line

In 1968, as an audience of inmates at Folsom State Prison cheer for Johnny Cash's band, he waits backstage near a table saw, reminding him of his early life.

In 1944, Johnny, then known as J.R., is raised on a cotton farm in Dyess, Arkansas with his brother Jack, father Ray, and mother Carrie. J.R. is known for his singing of hymns, while his brother Jack trains himself to become a pastor. While Jack is sawing wood for a neighbor with a table saw, J.R. goes fishing until he is spotted by his father for wandering off. Both J.R. and Ray return home to see Jack dying after being severely injured by the saw in an accident. In 1950, J.R. enlists in the Air Force as Johnny Cash, and is stationed in West Germany. He purchases a guitar, and in 1952, finds solace in writing songs, one of which he develops as "Folsom Prison Blues". Read more on Wikipedia.

MPAA Rating:PG-13
Genre:Drama, Biography, Music, Romance
Country:Germany, United States
Produced By:Alan C. Blomquist, Lou Robin, Cathy Konrad, John Carter Cash, James Keach
Directed By:James Mangold
Written By:Patrick Carr, Johnny Cash, Gill Dennis, James Mangold
Cast:Clay Steakley, Jan Falk, Marc Farley, Dan Beene, Waylon Payne, Kerris Dorsey, Shane Bowen, J.W. Williams, Tracee Mae Miller, Laura Lynn Seguin, Jim Wright, Mathew Luschek, Cody Hanford, Ian S. Hunter, Danny Vinson, Clare Grant, Glenda Pannell, Dolan Wilson, Ridge Canipe, Amy Lavere, Larry Bagby, Gordon Dexheimer, Dave McPhail, Johnathan Rice, Helen Ingebritsen, Tim Ware, Dan John Miller, Donald Meyers, Natalie Canerday, Reese Witherspoon, Jeff Bailey, Shelby Lynne, Sandra Ellis Lafferty, Bob King, Tyler Hilton, James DeForest Parker, Dallas Roberts, Laurie Johnson, Bryce Blackman, Aaron Covington, Carly Nahon, Robert Patrick, L. Michele Hester, Hailey Anne Nelson, Johnny Holiday, J.D. Evermore, Frank Hoyt Taylor, Shooter Jennings, Brit Shaw, Lucas Till, Mike Montgomery, R. Elkins Wright, Kevin Scroggs, Victoria Hester, Joaquin Phoenix, Richard Crowe, David Caffey, Ginnifer Goodwin, Ben Taylor, Geoff Falk, John Carter Cash, Nichole Jackson, Glenn Alan Gardner, Deborah Rawlings, Ken Axmaker Jr., McGhee Monteith, J.P. McNeely, J. Allen Scott, James Keach, Rhoda Griffis
In Theaters:Nov 18, 2005
Runtime:2 hours 16 minutes
Production:Fox 2000 Pictures, Tree Line Film, Konrad Pictures
Box Office:$119,519,402
Available On:Amazon, Itunes, Vudu